Reasons Why Many Travelers Prefer to Choose Backpacking Japan


backpacking japan

Reasons Why Many Travelers Prefer to Choose Backpacking Japan 

     Now, people all over the world love to have backpacking Japan, instead of going to Europe. For most travelers, it is too usual to spend holiday traveling in Europe. They get much more fun when they visit another place to travel and most of them select Japan.
Probably, you are still doubt whether Japan will give what you really expect. Actually, you are not the only one who has same feeling. Nevertheless, your doubt will be gone if you know the following reasons why much more backpackers keep coming to Japan. Do they only like Japan because amazing  tokyo attractions? Let’s find out the answer.

backpacking japan

Traveling in Japan Doesn’t Break Your Bank Account

    Before traveling, everyone has to make sure that they have sufficient budget. For backpackers, they always think about budget. Being backpackers, they have to be able to make the low cost as possible as they can. It is backpacking, unlike usual holiday which is guided by particular tour and travel provider. In this case, backpackers usually choose the cheap ticket to fly, cheap living cost, and cheap hotel.
When you think that Japan cannot give what the backpackers expect, you are totally incorrect. Japan probably will be your best destination for backpacking. You can see how cheap the cost for living. In average, the cost that you have to pay to spend the night is around 2000 yen. It is approximately $20. That is price for hotel which is located in good place near some japan attractions Even, if you love to visit Osaka, the average rate for rent a room is much cheaper, around 1700 yen per night.

    It is not only about hotel rate that will not make you broke. If you visit Japan, it is not perfect if you miss to try Sushi. For Japan people, Sushi is a favorite food to eat. Therefore, it is not quite difficult to find Sushi restaurant. In Tokyo for instance, there are a lot of  tokyo restaurants that offer you unforgettable moment to enjoy Sushi in Japan. With only 105 yen, you will get entry level Sushi. Indeed, if you compare to other backpacking countries in Europe, that is very cheap, isn’t right?
However, if you think that having a meal in Japan restaurant costs a lot, there is another alternative. Buying instant food is another option. There are various Japanese foods which have been packed and sold in minimarket. You can buy that kind of food and cook by yourself. Or, you can go out and have dinner in hibachi restaurant  known as Japanese steakhouse.

    It is not only cheap cost that makes many backpackers keep coming to Japan. It is also because of the attractions. When you are backpacking Japan, you have to visit at least one of following places.

backpacking japan

The Most Suggested Places to Go in Japan

     Possibly, the city coming up one’s mind that never been in Japan before is Tokyo. In fact, Tokyo becomes one of the most favorite places to visit in Japan. There are a lot of  famous places in japan that you can find here in Tokyo like Sensoji, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree, and Tokyo Disneyland. You might need quite long time to visit all attractions in Tokyo. Fortunately, it is not quite hard to get into one place and move to another place because Tokyo has subway connecting one tourism object to the others.
Having travelled around Tokyo, you need to break, indeed. A lot restaurant can be chosen.  However, you don’t have to worry about the price of certain food Tokyo. Even though Tokyo is well-known as one of the most expensive cities in Japan for tourists, it doesn’t mean that Tokyo is bad destination for backpackers.

      It is strongly-recommended to taste the foods like the locals do like eating rice, bowl of noodles, or Sushi served in the street. It will not cost a lot. You can try one of the most popular places to taste Japan meal, japan buffet . However, if you want to try to have meal in high-end restaurant, you can try Kozoe which serve you lunch from 3900 yen.
What about hotel? You will not get confused to find hotel in Tokyo. There are a lot of options which of course will not make your wallet empty. Many cheap hotels starting from 3.000 yen per night are available. Sakura hotel, for instance is one of the recommended one for backpacker. It has great service. It has good internet access, speaking English staffs, clean bedroom, and many others. In addition, you can travel around Tokyo easily since this hotel is quite near from subway station. Isn’t it interesting?
Do you backpack with the loved one? Or do you to Japan not only for backpacking but also honeymoon? Don’t ever miss to find the best place to stay. It is love hotel tokyo It is the most recommended hotel to stay for couple.
However, you can travel another place not only in Tokyo. What are best places to visit except Tokyo?

The Other famous places to visit in japan

       It is not only Tokyo which has a lot of attractions. There are a lot of famous places in japan except Tokyo. The only think that you have to determine is what kind of destination or tourism object you like to visit most. It can be said that Japan has several historical places as attractions such as Gokayama in Toyama, Nagano town in Kiso, Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Hiroshima, and Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto. Actually, there are many others. Nevertheless, if you have already heard about Mount Fuji, you will be so disappointed if you don’t try to go to the top of the mountain. It is such a challenge to go there. It would be better if you hire tour guide in order that you can reach the top easily.
     You don’t like hiking? You shouldn’t worry since there are many other options. You travel to Kyoto to have unforgettable experience tasting tea in teahouses or ryokans (Japanese traditional style inn). There is also cultural workshop in which visitors are able to take apart.
One thing that you should point out is about restaurant. Probably, you can find out the rate for each hotel in Japan. Therefore, you can choose the best one based on your budget. However, it is totally different with restaurant. Therefore, it would be better if you make a list of the best japanese restaurant recommended for backpacker. So, you will be coming back for backpacking Japan next time. 


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